BESS High-backed wooden chair

BESS High-backed wooden chair

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Model BESS chair with frame in solid wood. Upholstered seat and high backrest. Choice of cover in fabric, faux leather or "Vera Pelle" (genuine Italian leather).
The legs and the sides of the frame, with an almost triangular faceted shape, are made of solid wood while the seat is fitted with elastic belts. Entirely upholstered, to offer greater comfort, the seat cover is available in fabric (with stain-resistant and antibacterial treatment), in GUMMY, a synthetic material, easy to clean, soft and smooth to the touch, or in "Vera Pelle" (genuine Italian leather).
The attention to the design of the chair can also be seen in the visual continuity of the slightly curved line formed between the back legs and the high backrest.
Suitable for decorating the dining room of a house or a restaurant. Discover all the finishes!

Wood frame, available in Smoke/Natural

Natural material obtained directly from the hard central wood of the trunk of a tree. Can be enhanced with a clear or semi-transparent varnish, or covered with an opaque finish (solid colour). Highly valued material.

Fabric Seat, available Sand, Cord & anthracite.

Synthetic fabric with anti-stain treatment. Composition: 39% viscose 25% polyester 17% linen 15% cotton 4% polycarbonate.

Made in Italy

Local Delivery 2-4 weeks.

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