QUEEN DIXIE Wooden double bed

QUEEN DIXIE Wooden double bed

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Double bed model DIXIE with wooden headboard.
DIXIE double bed is characterized by a large and slightly curved wooden headboard, while front feet can be chosen between wooden or metal type. The included wooden slats lie under the mattress and rest on horizontal supports, guaranteeing the best comfort while sleeping. 

DIXIE double bed features simple and harmonious lines and will add a refined touch to your bedroom.

Headboard/ Frame Wood, Available in Walnut, Grey, Smoke & Natural.

Is obtained by taking very thin slices of fine wood directly from the trunk of a tree, which are then glued to a core panel and stained. Veneered products create a beautiful visual effect and are a byword for quality.
Polished aluminum legs:

Lightweight metal with excellent mechanical properties. Can be finished by brushing and polishing or by anodizing, especially well-suited for outdoor use. Rust-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Made In Italy by Calligaris.

Local Delivery: 2-4 weeks.

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