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Since 1923, the historic Friulian company has been an industry leader in the production of ‘Made in Italy’ furnishings and accessories. Calligaris has demonstrated a constant pursuit of innovation, allowing the company to continue producing products that are forward-thinking and unmistakably stylish throughout the years. The recent opening of the brand's new store in Soho has become an important part of Calligaris’ international growth strategy. Since 2016, Calligaris has opened 75 stores worldwide with many projects for overseas development in the works for 2017, increasing its already influential export share to 68%.
Calligaris is famous for its extendable dining tables and its Italian heritage. Calligaris produces most of its items in Manzano, Italy, or in the surrounding countries in Europe. When it comes to their dining range, they are world leaders in the industry. Their ‘simple to use patented mechanisms’ on the dining tables are innovative and stylish. Check out their growing Sofa range as well, all custom made in Italy and Europe. 

Manhattan Wall System

The new modular living room furniture system, which offers endless customization possibilities, from the dimensions to the colors and styles allowing the customer to create its own ideal world. All the color palettes can be coordinated with Calligaris furniture that, for some time, has been offering a very wide range of colors in its collections, putting no limits to one’s imagination.


A huge variety of base units and wall units available in the needed sizes and customizable in 26 different finishes allowing you to create your own living room wall system or your own sideboard.

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Create your own composition

Thanks to our configurator our design team can guide you through the customization  of your composition making the experience of feeling at home unique.

See in-store for details.