Lavender Waxed Planter - Indoor Garden

Lavender Waxed Planter - Indoor Garden


All-inclusive indoor grow kit packaged in a wax-coated and water-tight recycled paper tube planter. Kit includes self-watering system that provides plants with the perfect balance of water, nutrients and oxygen. 

Includes Non-GMO Seeds. 

Grow Kits are assembled in Chicago of domestic and imported components.

Arriving In-store in 2 weeks. Reserve yours today!

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  • Non-GMO Seeds

  • Wax-Coated Recycled Kraft Planter

  • Self-Watering Trays & Wick

  • Plant Food

  • Coco Pith Disk

  • Activated Carbon

  • Instruction Manual


  • Size: 4"x4"x5" 

  • Weight: 11oz

  • Assembled in the USA


How long does it take to grow?
Seeds take 8-14 days to sprout and will bloom in 2 months.

Why haven't my seeds sprouted?
Some seeds may fail to germinate (this is nature). If sprouts don’t appear in 3-4 weeks, the seeds may have been planted too deep, growing medium is too dry or wet, or temps are too low. In dry climates or during cooler months, consider creating a greenhouse effect by placing the empty grow medium bag over the planter. Punch a few holes for ventilation. Remove the bag once sprouts are 2” tall. If temps outside drop below 40°F, remove planter from window to prevent cold damage.

How much sun will it need?
Grow Kits thrive in temps between 60°-75°F and with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight (an unobstructed south or west-facing window is best). Starting in Mar-Sept will provide longer days and thus optimal light. If starting during cooler months, it’s recommended that you supplement natural light with a grow light. (fluorescent or LED). Pinch off spent flowers to encourage more blooms.

My sprouts seem weak?
If plant appears weak and spindly, there is either not enough light or temps are not in the optimal range. Try a different window or consider supplementing with a grow light. During the outdoor growing season you can place the planter outside temporarily to jump start your plant after it has sprouted (just make sure to bring the planter indoors if it rains).

I'd like a bigger, more robust plant. Can I transplant this outside?
This waxed planter is designed to grow a small plant; however, you can transplant it into a pot or the ground for a larger and more robust plant. Transplant outside into a location with partial sun after the threat of frost has passed, and sprouts are at least 2” tall. Prior to transplanting, harden off plant for 5-7 days by placing it outdoors in partial sun during the day, and bringing it indoors at night. Prepare the location by digging a hole about twice the size of the plant. If the soil needs amending, purchase a fertilizer and follow its instructions. Remove root ball from kraft planter as carefully as possible to prevent root damage. To do this, you may need to cut the kraft planter. Place plant in hole, fill with soil add touch of water (or nutrient solution) and gently tamp.